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In this episode we will be looking at sparring and how we spar in the English Martial Arts.


In this episode we look at things that make a martial art. The principles, and Simplicity in technique

The Left Hook

This episode explains about throwing and the different styles of left hook that are in use today.

The Reason

This episode talks about training with other martial arts and how we can learn from each other.

Weapon Talk

In this Podcast we talk about Weapons in the English martial arts. We talk about Kicking and many other offensive ...

Luke Ireland

Here we have Luke Ireland of the Exiles who is an instructor and martial artist, He travels extensively all the ...

Chris Myers

This Podcast gives us an interview with the head of the English Martial Arts in America Chris Myers. This interview ...

David Casserly

In this episode we have David Casserly who is a Silver Expert, but he is so much more than that. ...

Rob Lovett

This episode introduces you to Rob Lovett a high ranking Maister in the Guild of Maisters and a Fiore Scholar. ...